Research Analyst Internship

About Good Policies

A promising startup from Charity Entrepreneurships 2019 batch is investigating health policy changes that have been shown to be exceptionally cost effective. Increasing taxes on tobacco products is likely to be the best way of reducing tobacco consumption, and yet this is vastly underutilised by governments globally. The World Health Organization and Copenhagen Consensus state that this is among the most cost effective policy interventions in global health that they have evaluated. You can read a summary of Charity Entrepreneurships research here.


Researching promising policy opportunities, including analyzing academic research and developing cost-effectiveness estimates

Assisting development of monitoring and evaluation strategy for campaigns

Review research write ups and writing up own research for communication with a broad audience

Miscellaneous duties depending on individual preferences and abilities, including communicating with donors and media, publishing content on our website and small operations based tasks


  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in economics, mathematics, statistics or other quantitative field or equivalent experience.
  • Passionate about policy/advocacy/global health and doing high impact work
  • Understanding of concepts such as expected value and counterfactuals
  • Optimistic about the benefits of starting new charities and the power of advocacy
  • Able to put in a minimum of 5 hours a week

Desirable attributes

  • Interested in global health as a career
  • Interested in tobacco taxation specifically
  • High ability to pay attention to written details
  • Able to put in 10+ hours a week
  • Available during the GMT time zone work day
  • Experience with cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Experience in advocacy/lobbying


  • A team that cares about you and your work during and after the internship
  • Interesting,exciting and impactful work
  • Learn the benefits and best fit for people founding charities, will help when applying to CE’s incubation program and other EA orgs
  • Experience with an EA and CE backed nonprofit
  • Flexible working hours and location.


  • Internships can last from two to six months, depending on the candidate’s situation
  • Internships can be remote or located at our London office
  • Internships are generally unpaid, but exceptions could be made if the candidate is a suitable fit.

To apply

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