Improving health outcomes at scale

We believe that implementing effective public health policies has the potential to raise health outcomes for millions of people

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Our Approach

Currently our organisation is looking to add value through the following three core functions.

Systematically Identify Cost-Effective Policy Windows

We are trying to work out where the most cost-effective advocacy efforts can take place to raise health outcomes.

Fund Additional Campaigns

We want to enable campaigns we think were otherwise unlikely to have been started through local partners. We think that campaigns run through a local project partner are likely to be significantly more effective than us running campaigns directly.

Provide Technical Assistance

Often organisations that we want to partner with are significantly constrained by their technical capacity. We are building the capacity internally to help our project partners run effective campaigns.

Tobacco takes more than 7 million lives every year

Our current focus is tobacco contol. Better tobacco control is critical to stopping the leading cause of preventable death. We are looking for the most impactful opportunities to reduce tobacco consumption.

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We have identified two promising opportunities to advocate for effective tobacco control

We are currently working in Armenia and Mongolia. Both countries have extremely high smoking rates but low taxes. To our knowledge there is little work done in either of these countries on tobacco control by NGOs.

Armenia Mongolia
Our research indicates that there are some countries with extremely high smoking prevalence, which are relatively neglected where additional campaigns look likely to be productive.

Our Aims

Evidence Based

The best interventions are supported by high quality rigorous evidence from independent sources.

Cost Effective

It is vital that our resources positively impact as many people as possible.


We are committed to working out how impactful our programs are and scaling or shutting down if they produce too little impact.


If our research indicates another approach is more impactful, we will pivot to chase the highest impact option.

We're Hiring!

If you are excited about our mission and think that you can make a positive contribution we would love to hear more from you.


We will be opening more positions on a regular basis but if you think that you can add value but may not fit into one of the listed roles reach out to us with the details below.